Welcome to the future!

"Dancing with the wind" David Popa 2019

Do you sometimes feel as if the world isn’t quite ready for the new things that it’s asking from you? It’s because it isn’t. You and I are living right in the middle of a revolutionary period. The practices and possibilities of a new era are here, but the structures and legislation of the old world keep pulling us back. 


This revolution can be called the shift from the industrial world into the post-industrial world. 


In the industrial world, the majority of GDP came from producing tangible things. Life was mostly tied to physical space: information flow was slow, and travelling was small compared to its scale today. Factories kept on churning and people went to work. Material wellbeing increased and poverty decreased. 


The price we paid for wellbeing was a type of alienation. Alienation from life and from the work that we do. In a factory- or any workplace lead by the same principles-work was strictly regulated and planned by someone else than the worker themselves. Everyone had their specific part in the manufacturing line. We fulfilled this part every day from 9-5 in exchange for a salary. Day by day, year after year, until the bliss of retirement. 


The shift into a post-industrial era entails the possibility for us to reclaim life back to ourselves. It downright demands it. 


In the post-industrial world, we move towards a service economy. Material goods are still produced (way too much as it is), but machines account for an ever-increasing part of their production. The added value of work done by humans is based on our humanity: creativity and connection, serving and taking care, ethical decision making. Solving the climate crisis. Re-designing our current ways of operating to build a sustainable and humane future. 


The new world is not built by listening to the boss and controlling work. It is built through strengthening each individuals’ sense of personal agency. Workplaces move decision-making power to employees, societal decision-making is increasingly participatory, and every type of entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported. 


This new era will ask more of you. It will ask you to dig deep and know what is meaningful to you and align your actions accordingly. It will require you to use your creativity and come up with new ways to solve problems. You will most probably invent new professions and re-make job descriptions through which you actualize your talents. This new age will ask you to question dominant truths. It will ask you to make changes in the very ways you live your everyday life. This new era is asking you to do things with more of your heart and use your personality to make the world better than you found it. 


The future holds hard decisions and a lot of hope.


This new era enables you to actualize your humanness more fully.  To feel more alive. 



Welcome to the future.

©2019 Filosofian Akatemia Oy